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Our youngest children spend their day in an environment that is rich in nurturing and full of interaction between adults and infants. With a 1:4 ratio, we maintain a clean, safe, and happy atmosphere for children 6 weeks to 12 months of age. No set schedule is followed—naps occur throughout the day, as well as feedings, changings, and nurturing. Our head teacher works closely with her staff to assure a healthy progression through this early stage of a child’s life. Infants enjoy a comfortable environment with wonderful teachers who all possess that special quality in caring for infants. We provide necessary infant seats, high chairs, carriages, walkers, and infant toys to offer a stimulating program. Close communication with parents is assured on a daily basis through the use of our daily logs, although a close bond develops between parents and caregivers, facilitating regular verbal communication.


The Transition Program staff work closely with the Infant staff, as they often share responsibilities. With a 1:4 ratio, our curriculum and activities are tailored to best need each child’s development as a whole. Our curriculum is thematic, allowing children to explore a variety of topics in their world. In this program, we begin short “circle time” each day using finger plays, songs, art activities, and movement games to allow children to experience social interaction. Additionally, children are encouraged to explore a variety of media such as glue, paint, paper art, and much more! Transition program children enjoy playing outside twice daily (weather-permitting) year-round. Our daily log provides parents with a detailed insight into their child’s day.


Our innovative Toddler Program provides children a secure and comfortable setting for discovery, exploration, and independence. Staff in this program foster enthusiasm in each activity. Our curriculum in this program is thematic, allowing children to explore a variety of topics throughout the course of the school year. Toddler staff appropriately address anxiety, independence, and toilet training in a supportive, reassuring atmosphere. Our Toddler staff strive to develop a “child-oriented” program, focusing on each child’s interests. We truly believe that “play is a child’s work!”

School Age- Before and After School Program

This program is designed to offer quality care for children in Region 18 grades Pre-K through 5th grade. Program is held before and after school each day, held in Region 18’s Center School cafeteria, gymnasium, and/or playground. School Age Program (SAP for short!) staff provide interesting activities and a support system based on the parents' wishes regarding homework. Each SAP staff member is trained to understand and meet the needs of children in the Before and After School Programs. The size of our staff is based on enrollment, but we maintain a staff to child ratio of 1:12. The size of each group inside or outside is based on this ratio.

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